January 31, 2013


A list of important words, abbreviations, and acronyms you'll see used on this site.
Amplify: a means of improving teaching for language learners by making content more accessible (through the use of amplification strategies), rather than lowering expectations and simplifying content

Amplification strategies: teaching tools that help language learners access content. Some examples include using graphic organizers, realia, hands-on activities, visuals, cooperative learning, performance-based assessment, etc.

Anchor charts: reflect the learning in the classroom. Students use these charts as resources to find and remember important information and language.

Comprehensible input: the parts of instruction that language learners are able to understand; as ESL teachers we are always seeking to maximize the comprehensible input of our lessons

ELL: English Language Learner, any student who is learning to speak the English used in schools

ESL: English as a Second Language, the teaching that helps students learn to speak English if it is not their native language

TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, the teaching degree earned by many ESL teachers

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