January 20, 2013

Parent Communication Forms

Parents of ELLs may be unsure of how to communicate with school staff.
It's important to help parents feel confident in sharing concerns and information with their children's school.  Below are some forms that can help parents communicate with the school clearly and effectively.

If your students have a playdate (congratulations on helping them make some new friends with their social English skills!) their parents may need to send a bus note to arrange transportation to their friend's house.

Click here to download a sample bus note that parents can use to provide the school with the necessary busing information.

Sometimes it is difficult to know what a new ELL would like to order for lunch.  If he is still in the silent period, you may just get a stare when you ask what he would like to buy.  Even a verbal student may not yet have the vocabulary to understand what the menu choices are.

This form encourages parents to review the menu with their children at home.  With the help of their child, they can fill out lunch choices for the entire week.  The form should then be returned to the teacher (or a buddy classmate), who can assist the student in signing up for lunch in the classroom.

Even a general template can be helpful for parents who are learning how to effectively communicate in writing with their child's school.

Parents can use this note to school as a template for communicating with school staff about whatever they'd like!

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